Mission Statement

Lumen · Dominican Centre derives its mission from the educational ideal of the Congregation of Dominican Sisters, Cabra within the Order’s tradition of teaching and preaching.

Its purpose is to foster the full human flourishing of each person, in the spirit of Paul’s words: “Fill your minds with everything that is true, everything that is just, everything that is lovely, everything that is gracious.” (Phil. 4:8ff). Towards this end, Lumen seeks to provide a space of encounter and reflection, through which participants can be supported in their life journey and in their search for meaning. All are encouraged to respect the group in its diversity as a place for growth and mutual enlightenment.

The programme is truly ecumenical, seeking to promote the dialogue between faith and culture and acknowledging the giftedness of other religious traditions. In this way, Lumen fosters the development of all its participants and enables them to undertake various forms of service or ministry in Church and society.