How do I access my online module resources?

Step 1: Login to your account

You can login to your account either through (a) the menu button or (b) direct link.

(a) Simply click the Login Button on the Menu.


(b) Alternatively use the My Account direct link located here or via your confirmation email.

You will then come to the ‘My Account’ page where you will get the option to Login or Register. Insert your details in the field provided under the Login heading.

Step 2: Navigate Dashboard

Once you have successfully logged in you will see your account dashboard which will look similar to below. To access resources for your online module you will need to click the ‘My Lumen Online Modules’ 

This will bring you to a screen like this which displays the title of your module. You can access the resource page for your module by either clicking the red title else the red view link text link.

Resources will become available at different dates for various modules. A number of the module resources will become available mid October.

You will then arrive at the resource page which will have the relevant information for your module, which will look something like this: