As well as our usual classroom presentations we are offering:

  1. Pre-recorded talks to be accessed through the Lumen website in your own time.
  2. Pre-recorded talks and a live-webinar via Zoom (date given).
  3. Real-time seminar via Zoom.

Please Note: Online Module No. 22. Together in Hope: Interfaith and Spiritual Responses to COVID-19 has been postponed until after Easter.

It is hoped that it will run from April 20th, for 5 weeks.

11. ‘Everyone has the right to be happy’: The encyclical ‘Fratelli Tutti’ 

24 Feb.-24 March

Brian Grogan SJ


€45 (4 weeks)

This interactive module will explore Pope Francis’ recent encyclical ‘All Sisters and Brothers’ (Fratelli Tutti) in which he “outlines his recipe for rebuilding a post-pandemic world” (Elise Ann Allen). We will discuss some of the key themes: 1) ‘Everyone has the right to be happy’; 2) ‘Be a neighbour, like the Good Samaritan’; 3) ‘We must put human dignity back at the centre; 4) ‘Those who cultivate kindness become stars shining in the darkness’ and 5) ‘Politics must make room for a tender love of others’.

18. Orthodox Icons – Theology in Colours

26 Feb.-26 March

Yvonne Luven

10.30-12.00 noon

Icons are the sacred art of the Orthodox Church. They have always been understood to be visual, artistic expressions of the Church’s theology. But icons do not only speak to us about God. At the same time, icons enable us to see our own true faces, remind us of our own deepest identity. In these unprecedented times, it can be a profound consolation to spend time together looking into a window at the joyful reality of God’s presence in our midst.

€55 (5 weeks)

22. Together in Hope: Interfaith and Spiritual Responses to COVID-19

REVISED DATES: 20 April for 5 weeks.

Jude Lal Fernando, Swami Purnananda, Myozan Kodo, Arslaan Khan, Judith McAdam, Deirdre O’Donnell, Hilary Abrahamson.

Together in Hope is a series of joint reflections on COVID-19 given by  leaders of diverse faith communities and spiritual practitioners. In this moment of unprecedented crisis, this series of sessions aims at creating a space – virtually – in which to find and give hope, courage and support to one another through our diverse religious, spiritual and humanist resources.

Please note this is a module in real time and is not recorded.

€35 (5 online classes)

23. How Pandemics Changed Us – Historical Perspectives

Sabine Schratz OP

Pandemics have been a dreaded scourge throughout the history of humanity. Their personification as the Pale Rider of the Apocalyptic Horsemen not only illustrates the sheer horror and suffering they inflicted on millions of people but also their potential for radical and permanent change. This short module will look at how former generations lived through and responded to pandemic crises, thereby reshaping society, medicine, economy, religion and art.

€35 (4 pre-recorded talks and 1 webinar 17 Feb., 7.30-8.30pm)

24. Inspiration for All Seasons: Celtic Wisdom for Today

John Scally

In troubled times Celtic Christianity offers connections, community and common sense. It continues to be as a rich vein to be mined of insight, imagination and inspiration. This series is not a nostalgic portal to a golden age of traditional Irish lyricism with mighty mists lolling lazily about the Celtic landscape but a search for wisdom that can present guidance for some of the most pressing issues facing the Church and society today.

€35 (5 pre-recorded talks and 1 webinar 24 March, 7.30-8.30pm)

25. The Doctors Dilemmas: Medical Ethics in a fast-changing world

John Scally

On virtually a daily basis there is a report of a new case which stretches the boundaries of medicine and raises yet another new moral dilemma. Such cases generate a lot of public anxiety that medical science has gone too far and that humankind has taken on powers hitherto reserved for God. This course considers such questions as: How are we to shield ourselves from the excesses of technical advances in medicine while preserving the benefits of modern health care?

€40 (6 pre-recorded talks and 1  webinar 19 May, 7.30-8.30pm)

26. Passion Narrative in John

Kieran O’Mahony OSA

On this module, we will use six lenses (suggested by the Gospel itself) to explore how the evangelists understands cross and resurrection of Jesus. After an introductory session, presenting the six perspectives, we will go through the passion narrative scene by scene. The final lecture will attempt a synthesis of the overall teaching of John with an eye to contemporary approaches to salvation.

€40 (6 pre-recorded talks and 1  webinar 21 April, 7.30-8.30pm)

27. “I haven’t a clue!”

Seán Goan

The aim of this short on-line course is to introduce the Bible to people who have little or no knowledge of this remarkable book. Our intention is to address four basic questions in four twenty-minute programmes in the hope that we can awaken your interest in reading the Bible for today. The programmes are: 1) Where did the Bible come from? 2) How long did it take to write? 3) Who wrote it? 4) Why do we call it the word of God?

€25 (4 pre-recorded talks, available from 17 Feb.)

28. “Behold I will make a way in the wilderness” (Is 43:19): Towards a biblical spirituality for the times we live in.

Seán Goan

The motif of the desert features strongly in the founding story of the Israelites and recurs often in the writing of the prophets as they reflect on the people’s calling. In this course we will focus on “wilderness”texts from both the Old and New Testaments in order to help us situate our own faith journey in today’s uncertain world.

€35 (5 pre-recorded talks and 1 webinar 26 May, 7.30-8.30pm)