Ignatian Spirituality with Insights from Contemporary Psychology – Stephen J. Costello SS24-14


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Tutor: Dr. Stephen J. Costello

Thursdays: 10.30am – 12 noon

Dates: 25th January – 07th March 2024

Cost: €70 (6 Weeks)

Module Ref: SS24-14

The Centre will be closed for mid-term break

12-16 February 2024 and for an Easter break 25 March to 5 April

Sold Out

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Module Description

It all began with a wounded soldier daydreaming on his sickbed. In time he was to found the Jesuit Order with the wish that his companions would become contemplatives in action. St Ignatius of Loyola (1491-1556) insisted that the Divine is actively at work in our world, which is ‘charged with the grandeur of God’ (Gerard Manley Hopkins, SJ). The presence of the Absolute calls for a response, for reflection and discernment, as we begin to interpret our deep desires and integrate heart and head, in order to be free at last. In this course, we will explore the essentials of Ignatian spirituality. This reading will be enriched by insights from the great Swiss psychologist C. G. Jung (1875-1961) who gave a series of public lectures on the Exercises in 1939-40. The format of the lectures will include power-point presentations, group discussion, journalling, contemplative practices, and existential exercises.

Dr Stephen J. Costello, MA, PhD is a philosopher, psychoanalyst, Enneagram coach, founder of the Viktor Frankl Institute of Ireland, and the author of 16 books. He has thirty years’ experience lecturing and leading workshops and seminars both nationally and internationally. He consults to the corporate sector in the areas of meaning at work, leadership, and decision-making. His website is www.stephenjcostello.com


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