What the Hell? – Sean Goan SS24-16


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Tutor: Sean Goan

Thursdays: 7.00-8.30pm

Dates: 29th February – 14th March 2024

Cost: €40 (3 weeks)

Module Ref: SS24-16

The Centre will be closed for mid-term break

12-16 February 2024 and for an Easter break 25 March to 5 April.

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Module Description

Whatever happened to hell? In times past, Lent was a season for the Parish Mission when people took seriously the opportunity to do penance and repent of their sins – all of this with a view to avoiding the torments of the damned in the next life. Not so today – so in this short course we will look at the idea of hell and what happened to it. We will consider when and how it emerged in the Scriptures and the way it evolved over the centuries. With the help of Dante we might also ask if the world today needs to rediscover hell.

Sean Goan, BA, BD, LSS is a Scripture scholar and retired teacher who has been involved in adult faith development for many years. He has also written commentaries on the Sunday readings and published The Sign: Reading the Gospel of John (2018).


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