‘Excellent course, very creative, and very well presented.’


‘Please keep up the good work and many thanks.’


‘Just thank you for all you do. Lumen is a wonderful resource. I look forward to getting back to the centre for the additional chats over a cuppa.’


‘I was looking for a stimulating English literature experience.’


‘I thoroughly enjoyed the on-site classes at Lumen. Nice atmosphere and having the coffee break added a social aspect to the class where our group created a bond which carried us through the on-line classes which followed this year.’


‘Thank you to the staff for setting the Zoom meetings up each week and for always being a capable, upbeat, warm and reassuring presence. Thank you also to everyone as the shift by Lumen from classroom to Zoom was made seamless. Through the dark isolation of autumn and winter lockdown weeks, the lectures with Lumen were – appropriately enough – like a bright light. A wonderful thought-provoking enlightening time.’


‘A great experience with a great teacher.’


‘I have to say that the Tutor was fantastic, she opened my eyes and brought me into a world I knew very little about.’


‘Thank you. From start to finish this was an easy way to receive the course and everyone was most attentive and helpful’


‘My experience has been very enriching.’


‘Looking forward to taking the course on site and enjoying the social aspects next September, hopefully.’


‘I have enjoyed the classes with the Tutor.  She is very welcoming and encouraging to everybody. ‘


‘I found the course stimulating and enjoyable. Thank you.’


‘Just a huge thank you to all the teachers and admin staff for the great opportunity to enhance learning.’


‘Thank you. It was a very positive and friendly atmosphere and experience.’


‘Do you know that you gain a 10% discount if you book two or more modules at one time in one order?’


‘Many thanks to the Tutor for the super opportunities she has provided during this module. I loved her style of communicating and have lots of material to read again and again and enjoy! A super course which from signing up to register was seamlessly organised with no hitches !! Many thanks and much appreciated.’


‘I will remember the importance of this development in my knowledge of poetry during this pandemic and I will be forever grateful to the Tutor and Lumen for this chance.’